Counter BlackboardThough you will always find enticing daily specials on our blackboard, we serve a wide range of freshly baked pastries and treats, unique bagels or other breakfast items and delicious lunches, all available throughout the day.  Robin’s Next Cafe caters, preparing orders with a minimum of 48 hours notice for office continental breakfast or lunch.

To have an order delivered at a future date, please call 757-395-4064.

8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Mondays through Fridays

Robin’s Nest Café Menu

Early Birds

Bagel with Butter…………………………………………………..2.50

Bagel with Cream Cheese………………………………………2.75

Bagel with Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese………….5.00

Bagel with Egg Salad……………………………………………..4.00

Bagel or English Muffin with Bacon (or) Ham & Egg.4.50

English Muffin with butter & Jam…………………………..2.00

Soups of the Day Made From Scratch

Soup du jour – Changes Daily – See Our Boards for Listing!

Grazing Green

*Served with Crackers & Choice of Dressing

Small 4.50 / X-Large 6.00

The Perfect Garden – Delightful Mix of Petite Greens with Red Cabbage, Cucumber, Radish, sweet onion & Tomato.

The Wedge – Traditional Iceberg Wedge Garnished with Radish, Cucumber, Red Cabbage, Tomato & Sweet Onion.

Dressings – Hand Crafted in House:
Thousand Island / Blu Cheese / Ranch / Italian / House Special

Large Blossom with a Top of…
Toasted Sunflower Seed & Cranberries 6.75
Shrimp Salad 7.75 Chicken (or) Tuna Salad 7.50 Egg Salad 6.75  Hummus 6.75 Chef’s Choices – Daily Listings

Between the Bread

photo 2All our “Between the Bread” are served with a bag of chips, slaw, and potato or pasta salad.

The Vegetarian – A Greek Flat Bread Topped with Hummus, Mixed Greens, Cucumber Slices & Sweet Onion. Topped with lemon Squeeze and Sesame Sprinkle 6.75

Turkey Trot – Round Roll Dressed with Cream Cheese, Cranberry, Swiss & Turkey Breast Topped with lettuce 7.50

Goldfinch – Robin’s Nest Egg Salad served on toasted wheat with lettuce 5.75

Great Egret – Long roll overstuffed with rare roast beef, swiss cheese, steamed onion & horseradish sauce. Served with a cup of Our Five Onion Soup for dipping 7.75

Laughing gull – Fresh Tuna Steamed & Chilled Blended with Fine Chopped Celery, Sweet Onion, Parsley & House Dressing on a Greek Flat Bread Dressed with Lettuce and Tomato 7.50

Blue Heron – Our super Sammy on a Long Roll Overstuffed with Turkey Breast, Ham, Swiss, Provolone, Lettuce, Tomato, Sweet Hot Peppers, Thin Onion Slice and Splashed with O & V 8.00

Sandpiper – Perfect Steamed and Spiced Shrimp Blended with Fine Chopped Celery, Lemon, Mayo, Chopped Sweet Onion Topped with Lettuce on a Round Roll 7.75

Cardinal – Our own Waldorf Style Salad of Chicken Breast, Red Delish Apple, Fine Chopped Celery, Onion, Walnut, Cranberry, Mayo & Hint of Lemon, Served on a Round Roll with Lettuce 7.50

OMG! Smoked Angus Brisket on a Round Roll with Swiss Cheese. Topped with Slaw, Lettuce, Tomato and Mayo, Bottomed with Yellow Mustard and Slaw 7.75

Grilled Sammies Boarded Daily 7.50

Build Your Own

Choose~Bread – Wheat, Round Roll, Long Roll, Greek Flat or Rye

Choose~Dressing – Mayo, Yellow or Dijon Mustard, Real Butter, House dressing or Horseradish sauce

Choose~cheese – Swiss, Cheddar, Provolone, American +50 cent

Choose~Protein – Hummus-6.00 Cheese-Only-5.00 Ham-6.00 Turkey-6.00 Tuna (or) Chicken Salad-7.00 Egg Salad- 4.50

*All Build your Own Sandwiches  served with Choice of Chips


Hot Tea 1.50 Iced Tea 1.50 Soda 1.25 Juice 1.50 Hot or Iced Coffee Large 2.00 – Small 1.50 Virginia Artesian Bottle Water 1.50

Desserts And Sweets

Check our Deli Case for Daily Offering!


Catering Specialties

*Catering Available- Call Us for Your Next Party or Meeting!

*Crudites-Fresh seasonal vegetables and two bowled dips.  Sm. 20 Lg. 40

*Fruits and Honey Greek Yogurt Citrus dunk.  Sm. 25 Lg. 50

*French Dessert Cheeses and complimentary fresh fruits.  Market priced.

*Assorted World Cheeses with a garnish of variety pickle and olive. Includes an assortment of Melba and Cracker.  Market priced.

*Delicatessen Styled Slice Cheese assortment with whole grained mustard and mayonnaise.  Sm. 20 Lg. 40

*Sliced Delicatessen Meat Assortment. Round Roast Beef, Virginia Hams, Turkey Roast and Smoked and Varied Italian favorites.  Sm. 30 Lg. 50

*Old South- Red Eye Pimento Cheese Biscuits.  Sm. 25 Lg. 40

*Virginia Red Eye Ham Biscuits  Sm. 30 Lg. 50

*Roll-up Bites. A delightful mix of Robin’s Nest Salads, Roast Vegetable Mixes, and Meats.  Sm. 25 Lg. 45

*Finger Sandwich Tray. Traditional buttered and filled Tea favorites.  Sm. 25 Lg. 45

*Vegan Tray. Spinach pops, Tempeh bites, Cucumber Boats, Edamame, Seaweed Rolls, Chickpea Sesame Rolls, and Olives.  Sm. 25 Lg. 45

*Delicatessen Assortment Sandwich Tray. Deli favorites on assorted bread sided condiments and pickles.  Sm. 30 Lg. 50

*Charcuterie Tray. Choice World Sausage, Ham and Pate’, a garnish of herbs, mustard, and Melba.  Market priced.

*Roast Fingerlings topped with Sour Cream and Caviars sided with Parsley.  Sm. 40 Lg. 60

*Negamaki or Yakitori. Japanese Beef or Chicken and Scallion Rolls or Kebab.  Sm. 35 Lg. 60

*Local Shrimp Cocktail. Market priced.

*Chesapeake Crab Dip. Hot or cold. Market priced.

*Desserts and Other weet Treats ~ Daily Specials

Catering Available-Minimum Order of 10 (ten)

We offer Formal or Casual dining service with in-house delivery, and prices to fit every budget!

Disposables included – China Formal rental can be arranged.


Catering by Design

*Morning Meeting Box. Choice of Egg Bacon or Ham on Croissant, English Muffin or Bagel. Sided with Seasonal Fresh Fruit and a Hot Tea or Coffee.


*Continental Morning. Variety Danish Pastries, Orange Juice, Coffee, Tea, and Sliced Fruits.


*Box Lunch. Choice of Robin’s Nest Sandwiches, Zapps Chips, Bottled Drink, choice of House Slaw, Potato or Pasta Salad side and a just-baked cookie.


*After Noon Pick Me Up. Choice or all of the variety of Coffee, Tea or Soda. Choice Cookies, Cake or a Brownie Slice.


*Soup and Salad Luncheon. Two Choice Soups and Garden Salad. Set as buffet style or boxed.


*Soup and Sandwich. Two Choice soups and Choice Deli sandwiches. Buffet or Boxed.


About the Nest

From simple Breakfasts, Box Lunches, Buffet and Dinner menus, to fabulous finger food trays – Robin’s Nest is dedicated to creating the delicious and memorable feast that inspires you to enjoy each and every moment of your special event!

The food you serve is a reflection of you, and with Robin’s Nest as your catering partner, it’s easy to provide a personalized and attentive menu that will make you proud! Our innovative, high-quality menu and ingredients, coupled with our seamless execution, will ensure you and your guests have an event to remember.

Our unique, tailored-menu and tray services are customized to meet your needs. Be it in in-house pick-up, drop off & delivery, to full service and buffet, Robin’s Nest promises to excite your appetite and delight your taste buds!

*So, if you’re looking for a great place to hold a work function or special occasion, look no further! The Nest is available for business, private or holiday events!

Call to schedule!